With Windows 7 released and Visual Studio 2010 around the corner, component maker Infragistics is updating its UI components to keep pace.

Infragistics on March 22 released NetAdvantage for .NET 2010 Volume 1, which adds support for .NET 4 features in addition to UI testing tools and new controls.

Pricing for NetAdvantage for .NET is US$1,195, and $1,690 with priority support. Bulk license discounts are also available.

Developers may now design Windows Forms applications using the .NET 4 Client Profile build target in Visual Studio 2010. That reduces the size of applications while improving performance and portability, the company said.

In addition, the suite’s Windows Forms controls now support side-by-side hosting of different versions of the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime) in the same program, as well as hosting Windows 7 touch-screen applications.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls have improved UI automation and enable multi-touch gestures in Windows 7, said Andrew Flick, product manager for Win Client at Infragistics. The suite includes a tool for coded UI tests.

New WPF components include a tile control consisting of collapsible tiles that end users can manipulate, as well as a data card control.

Infragistics added IntelliSense code completion support for ASP.NET JavaScript and SharePoint design-time integration, Flick said. It also delivered a new AJAX compression module.

Infragistics also invested in Silverlight. The company’s controls are now compatible with Visual Studio’s WYSIWYG design canvas, Flick said. A control persistence library preserves application state so that an application loads the way users left it, he added.

Other new Silverlight controls include a zip library and a browsing property grid. The controls match up with the Windows 7 Aero interface, Flick said.