Infragistics today is releasing an update to its SharePlus mobile SharePoint application that features new encryption practices, according to product manager Gustavo Degeronimi.

The 3.8 release of the software puts a level of security on top of what iOS already provides, he said. “The community has already learned how to apply security and encryption features on iOS. The community has raised best practices to a new level,” he said.

SharePlus also supports the scanning of smartcards from a mobile device to ensure access is controlled, Degeronimi noted. With a new Kiosk Mode included in the 3.8 release, devices can be securely shared by multiple users, then the login credentials can be wiped out upon logging out.


On the Android side, SharePlus 3.8 supports client-side certificates, offering secure distribution of certificates so organizations don’t have to send certificates by e-mail or offer access via a website, said Degeronimi.

Degeronimi, originally from Uruguay, joined Infragistics in January 2012 when the company acquired SouthLabs, which created SharePlus. He previously had been a SharePoint consultant with a number of Microsoft partners.

He indicated that a major update of SharePlus—focused on security—will come out later this year.