With an emphasis on giving developers the tools to create great digital experiences, Infragistics this month will come with two new versions of its NetAdvantage UI controls.

NetAdvantage for jQuery is “pure client-side technology,” explained Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. “It can run on a non-Microsoft server stack, but we’ve put MVC wrappers in front for Microsoft developers.”

Guida said the team at Infragistics has been working to implement improved design processes into its tools, employing a service team focused on user-centered design, to deliver tools that user experience professionals and developers can use to deliver enhanced experiences.

Infragistics plans to deliver NetAdvantage controls for Windows Phone 7 this month, and it will add user interface patterns for mobile devices by the end of the year, Guida said. “UI controls for the mobile Web have to be designed for the form factor and touch capabilities of mobile,” he said.

The company also has been working in the area of data visualization, according to Guida. Specifically, Infragistics has implemented a motion framework in its charting product that can take data and “have it tell a story,” as he put it. “You can see trends of data plotting out visually over time.”

Further, the company has added the ability to layer data on its mapping component, so, he said, “You can take a floor plan of an arena or an airplane, and you can render it and put interactivity and data on top of it.”

Finally, Guida said the company is building a XAML-based report writer that’s in community technology preview now, with general availability expected in September.