JetBrains, the creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, have announced the availability of IntelliJ IDEA 11, a regular yearly update of their award-winning IDE for JVM-based and polyglot development.

The newest installment of IntelliJ IDEA, hailed ‘the most intelligent Java IDE,’ underscores JetBrains’ decade-long leadership in raising developer productivity standards by providing cutting-edge professional tools. This release reveals a custom, streamlined user interface along with IDE performance optimizations and numerous adjustments throughout the whole environment, to refine the effectiveness of developers’ typical day-to-day operations.

“For a product as huge as IntelliJ IDEA, every new feature is like a tiny drop in the ocean. But when users evaluate a tool, it’s not the feature set that wins — it’s the impression the tool leaves at the end of the day,” said Max Shafirov, IntelliJ IDEA project lead. “We add great new features in every update, but rethinking the existing features is the better part of the work we do for a major release. IntelliJ IDEA 11, with its brand-new slick UI for all supported platforms, is the best example of a reevaluated user experience, with higher productivity and even more attention to details.”

In addition to the new UI for all platforms, IntelliJ IDEA is now a better citizen on all of its supported platforms than ever, with many platform-specific features added such as Mac OS X Lion full-screen support or drag-n-drop and symbolic links support on Linux.
To contribute to faster development of technologies, IntelliJ IDEA 11 brings many improvements for its many integrated tools and frameworks including Spring, Groovy/Grails, AspectJ and others.

The updated IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition gets important improvements for Android development, including live preview of Android UI layouts and compatibility with the latest Android 4.0 SDK.

Other key features introduced in IntelliJ IDEA 11 include:
• Support for web development with the Play framework.
• Groovy 2.0 support with new intention actions and refactorings.
• Gradle integration.
• CoffeeScript editor with code assistance, inspections and formatting options.
• Support for all features of Grails 2.0, Grails web-flow and Spock framework.

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