Mozilla has announced its Internet of Things platform Mozilla WebThings is now an independent open-source project that will now just be known as WebThings. According to the company, it wants to wind down direct investment and transition control and responsibility to the open-source community. 

The company first announced the platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web in April of 2019. 

As Mozilla continues the move, it notes that in order to make sure gateways continue to function properly it may need to make some changes to how the project infrastructure operates. 

WebThings Gateways operating locally without the need for a cloud service should continue to work as intended and users should still be able to monitor, control and automate the gateways. Those using gateways remotely will have until the end of the year before having to move to a replacement service. 

The project will use a module ownership system independent of Mozilla’s organizational structure. Ben Francis and Michael Stegeman, members of the original Mozilla IoT team, will become initial module owners. They will create submodules and assign new module owners to help keep the project moving forward. 

For now, the project will continue to use the Mozilla IoT forum to communicate with the community. 

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions and support for the project so far. The team is looking forward to this new chapter in the WebThings story, as the project flies the nest from Mozilla to make its own way in the world!,” the team wrote in a post