Progress Software Corporation today introduced Progress Pacific, a powerful, easy-to-use platform for building and managing “connected apps” on any cloud, mobile or social platform.  Connected applications integrate with real-time data from multiple sources for faster business reaction, analysis and problem solving.  Progress Pacific is a fundamental new approach that gives businesses and independent software vendors (ISVs) the freedom to choose the data sources, deployment environments and business logic tools that best fit their needs.

This new platform is the foundation of a major PaaS (platform-as-a-service) transformation Progress previously announced to address customer and partner demand in one of the fastest growing IT markets. Today, businesses of all sizes are experiencing unprecedented market pressures and are turning to rapidly developed software applications for competitive advantage. These are typically confined to a specific service platform and are insufficient without integrated access to data from disparate SaaS, relational database, Big Data, social, CRM and ERP systems. Progress Pacific will uniquely solve this problem and eliminate lock-in with the industry’s most comprehensive set of integrated capabilities, including:
• Rapid Development using a “Cool” Technology:  Powerful, standards-based business applications can go from idea to reality faster with innovative point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools in a standard browser, saving time and money while also providing deployment freedom.  To enable this, Progress has acquired Rollbase, Inc., a privately held independent software vendor based in Saratoga, CA, that was recently named “One of the Cool Vendors in PaaS” by Gartner, Inc. Over 10,000 users are using custom Rollbase applications in10 languages globally.  See demo.
• Connection to the Most Data Sources:  A comprehensive set of SaaS, relational database, NoSQL, Big Data, social, CRM and ERP sources can be tapped into for automated, context-aware applications. Technology from Progress DataDirect, the world’s leading data connectivity provider, helps to unlock an application’s full value by allowing faster integration, analysis and decision making.  See demo.
• Unique Hybrid Deployment Options:  Unlike other vendors where deployment options are restricted to either cloud or on-premise, Progress Pacific offers developers the opportunity to create cloud apps that can be deployed in multiple environments (cloud, on-premise, hybrid) as well as connect to existing applications.  By working harmoniously with current applications, including those using OpenEdge, Corticon and other technologies, critical data is accessible, business logic is preserved and investments are protected. 

• The Progress Pacific platform will be generally available later in Progress’ fiscal third quarter with the Rollbase product available immediately.