In SharePoint, it’s easy to create documents and content types, and to build workflows. In fact, it’s TOO easy. These very actions are creating huge compliance issues for organizations using SharePoint, so some are locking down their SharePoint installations, which seems to fly in the face of what SharePoint is about.

“The biggest problem is probably people putting things into SharePoint they shouldn’t be putting in,” said Jeremy Thake, evangelist at AvePoint (the diamond sponsor of the upcoming SPTechCon San Francisco). “Organizations need to do a better job of communicating what should be in, through governance.”

SharePoint out of the box does not provide a mechanism for e-discovery, and can only “hold” individual documents for a short time. “If you want everything someone modified and stored, it doesn’t scale well,” Jeremy said.

AvePoint will be displaying and discussing its software solutions to help organizations with governance and compliance at SPTechCon, which runs from Feb. 26-29. Hope to see you there!

— David