Open Source Hub (OSH) is a new open source project from code visibility company CodeSee. Previously it existed as OSS Port, but with the new name comes several updates and changes to the platform. 

Similar to OSS Port, OSH is a development community for finding, exploring, and contributing to open source projects. 

According to CodeSee, many existing open source communities only aggregate projects, while OSH provides tools for onboarding developers and helping them understand the code in a project. 

Developers will be able to use OSH to see the impact of their contributions, build personal profiles, search for projects that fit their needs, access engaging content and programs, and participate in events. 

“We need more developers learning from and contributing to open source so that all of our codebases are more maintainable and resilient. Every codebase is affected by open source so we need to help each other ramp up in these codebases quickly and support one another right now,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO at CodeSee. “Open Source Hub is more than a product or network, it is a movement. A movement for developers at all skill levels to come together, learn, collaborate, and contribute to and support open source with the code visibility tools and manpower it desperately needs.”

Learn more about the project here