A new project on OpenJDK was released today, and its focus will be on porting the JDK to mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows 10.

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The Mobile Project team wants to support enhancements and integrate them into a future release of JDK 9. Those enhancements are:

  • JDK 9-based port (Headless)
  • Support at minimum the equivalent of JDK 8 compact2 profile (in module form)
  • iOS x64 and arm64 (arm64 will be provided via the Zero interpreter)
  • Android x86 and arm (arm will be provided via the Zero interpreter)
  • Windows 10 tablet apps (side-loaded)
  • JavaLauncher helper interface to simplify the process of including Java in Mobile applications
  • Sample Hello World applications and/or project templates for each platform

Mobile Project has two repositories with different integration rules. The team is going to use the OpenJDK bug system to track changes.

More information on each operating system platform is available on the Mobile Project release page.