The newest Java update includes a user experience for Visual Studio Code’s testing, Maven dependency management, and project management features.

Developers can now access a new layout of buttons in the left area of the editor that enables easy access to run and debug test cases. 

Also, the Test Explorer has been completely revamped to now allow developers to customize the display mode and sorting order of the testing explorer for different scenarios and habits.

Additional details on all the UI changes are available here. 

Applitools ties in to e-learning platforms

Applitools’ Visual AI helps software engineering and product teams validate an eLearning platform’s user experience and uncover bugs in the UI. As the demand for e-learning is risking in a hybrid work environment, many platforms are adopting Applitools’ solution. 

The tool uses machine learning from more than one billion images analyzed in addition to AI enhancing data from over 130 different web browser and version combinations, various device viewports, and direct user feedback on UI defects, dynamic content, and more, according to the company. 

“The number of permutations is overwhelming and was impossible for the UX team to navigate. Applitools provides instant access and validation to the massive inventory of screens and the peace of mind knowing that every regression is immediately spotted across all screen variations ensuring the user experience is exactly as it was intended to be. I feel like it is a transformative tool for our UX team and how we partner with development to drive user experience,” said Marianne Epstein, the director of UX design at EVERFI, a provider of online learning products. 

Next Pathway cloud migration tool update

The new version of Next Pathway’s Shift tester accelerates testing cycles, and reduces data validation and test timelines to the cloud by 70%, according to the company. 

The solution tests the three core areas that require validation as part of cloud migration projects: data, data quality, and ETLs (extract, transform, load). 

“The final hurdle during any migration project is the testing and optimization phase,” said Chetan Mathur, the CEO of Next Pathway. “This next version of SHIFT Tester ensures that the full testing lifecycle is much faster and provides greater test coverage, which ultimately delivers a higher quality result. SHIFT™ Tester is another proof point of our continuing commitment to innovate and invest in automated technologies that make it easier for our clients to migrate to the cloud.”

App Store’s upcoming tax and price changes for apps and in-app purchases

Apple recently stated that prices of apps and in-app purchases excluding auto-renewable subscriptions on the app store will decrease in South Africa, United Kingdom, and all territories that use the Euro. 

Prices will increase in Georgia and Tajikistan due to recent tax changes. 

Once these changes go into effect, the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps will be updated.