Jelastic, Inc., today announced the launch of a new version of its ultra-scalable cloud hosting platform. The new version, Jelastic 1.9.1, features a CRON scheduler, the ability to schedule database backups, and the latest versions of software stacks (including PostgreSQL 9.2.4).

Jelastic offers a fundamentally new approach to Java and PHP hosting: no need to learn custom systems or recode applications in order to deploy. Jelastic is the first cloud platform that can run and scale any Java or PHP application without any code changes.

The newly launched Jelastic 1.9.1 has a number of new features and improvements.
– Regulating the sequence of balance charging
– Config manager improvement
– PostgreSQL 9.2.4 support
– CRON Scheduler
– Scheduling backups for end user DBs
– Cutting database tables
– Notification about running out of resources (Mem, Disk, CPU)
– NetBeans IDE Plugin
– Generating direct URL for solution deploy
– Software Stacks Versions

Users of Jelastic 1.9.1 get access for each node configuration files and can choose to configure all the servers together or just a specific one.

Dmitry Sotnikov, Jelastic COO said, “Jelastic 1.9.1 features CRON scheduler, which allows users to schedule jobs to run periodically at certain times or dates. They can also run programs at a specified time with a help of scheduler, which receives instructions and performs any tasks following derived scenarios. Users can also backup databases or specific tables right from the configuration files. Jelastic assures that all data is being saved periodically and can be restored or reused.”

Another new feature of Jelastic 1.9.1 is a notification about running out of resources. When the traffic grows an application requests more resources for normal work. If the limits selected are too low, this can lead to the failure in the app performance. For such cases the notification about running out of resources is implemented.

Now even more software stacks are supported including PostgreSQL 9.2.4 which provides:
– synchronous and cascading replication
– unlogged tables, per-column
– collations, and much more

The PosGIS module has also been enabled. It is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database. It adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL.

Jelastic 1.9.1 is already available through a selection of web hosting providers world-wide. To see the list of partners, please visit or sign up now for free at

Release notes for 1.9.1 can be viewed at