JetBrains, a leading maker of smart tools for Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET and other languages, empowers C and C++ developers with two new tools: CLion, a stand-alone cross-platform IDE; and ReSharper C++, a productivity extension for Visual Studio.

The two tools target overlapping but different groups of C/C++ developers, since CLion is a stand-alone cross-platform IDE and ReSharper C++ is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio. However, both tools boast a deep understanding of C and C++ code, supporting C++03 and C++11 standards and libc++ and Boost libraries. They equally provide C/C++ developers with the following important features:

  • A smart editor for efficient coding with intuitive code completion.
  • Code generation for quickly adding constructors or missing members, with code snippets available.
  • Powerful navigation for exploring codebases and navigating to any file, type or symbol in one click.
  • The ability to Find Usages of C++ code symbols, with preview, filtering and grouping.
  • On-the-fly code analysis, with in-place quick-fixes and reliable refactorings (such as Rename, Extract Method, Change Signature, Introduce Variable, and others) for keeping code quality high.

“We have spent the last decade and a half making software development more productive and enjoyable, convinced that smart tools help developers deliver better software faster,” said Maxim Shafirov, JetBrains CEO. “When it came to C/C++, which is a considerably more technologically complex and diverse market, we had to gather everything we’ve learned over these 15 years to make C++ tools that we would be proud of and that developers would find useful.”

Depending on their requirements and preferred toolchains, C and C++ developers can now choose from a number of dedicated JetBrains offerings.

For a stand-alone, cross-platform tool running on Windows, OS X and Linux, the right choice is CLion. This IDE is built on top of JetBrains’ famous IntelliJ Platform and channels its intelligent productivity-boosting features specifically towards developing in C and C++. It supports CMake build system and provides an integrated debugger, built-in terminal, and vim-emulation mode through the IdeaVim plugin.

ReSharper C++, on the other hand, is aimed at C/C++ developers using Visual Studio for their daily tasks. It supports ATL, MFC and COM projects. ReSharper C++ borrows most of its functionality from ReSharper for .NET, JetBrains’ award-winning productivity tool for Visual Studio.

Last but not least, iOS/OS X developers who do C and C++ are already covered with AppCode 3.1, another IDE from JetBrains that has in some sense paved the way for CLion and ReSharper C++.

To learn more about these products, please visit A free 30-day evaluation is available for both tools. For general information on pricing and licensing options for CLion and ReSharper C++, see and, respectively.