Qualitia, the leader in script-less test automation, has unveiled the brand new 3.11 release of its award-winning test automation platform. The new release promises to provide many features which will help QA engineers in faster creation and execution of automation tests – promising a 300-500% productivity improvement. With this release, organizations using Qualitia can achieve better efficiency, more test coverage, and decreased costs.

“Qualitia is the pioneer in script-less test automation. Today, a lot of users are using Qualitia to automate their test cases without the need of any tool or programming knowledge. For this release, we worked very closely with our customers and the product users. Through a scientific user research approach, we gathered the user inputs and user feedback. We used the feedback extensively to incorporate features that can improve the customer experiences”, said Ashutosh Saitwal, President & CSO at Qualitia Software. “The discussions and brainstorming sessions with several Qualitia users and test automation experts have helped us in making this release extremely powerful and flexible”, added Ashutosh.

The new Qualitia release includes the first of its kind Debugger, using which, the automation engineers can create, correct, and execute test cases very effectively in lesser time. Through a step-by-step test case execution in the debugger, the users can rapidly identify and analyze failures and quickly correct the scripts. The commenting feature allows users to add notes and documentation during or after the test case development. This helps in improving the overall script maintainability.

To increase the test script execution, the new release has introduced the Skip feature. Using this feature, certain steps or tasks can be skipped from the test case execution. Along with easier and faster test script creation and execution, this release also makes reporting easy. With flawless integration with JIRA, the Qualitia Test Report automatically files issues in JIRA – providing a one-stop overview of bugs and issues to the developers and testers.

The initial feedback from the beta users for this release has been very encouraging. The existing Qualitia users are happy to see that their feedback has been implemented well in the new release.