Klocwork has introduced an instant, in-line spell-check system for analyzing C and C++ code inside of Microsoft Visual Studio as part of the Klocwork Insight 9.5 release.

Alen Zukich, director of product management for Klocwork, said the “on-the-fly” analysis portion of Klocwork Insight provides a series of checker libraries that developers can turn on and off at will. It is fully customizable and allows developers to see a red underline, similar to Microsoft Word’s spell check functionality, when an error is detected in code in Visual Studio.

“Developers can look for security flaws, bugs, memory leaks and other coding issues,” Zukich said.

On-the-fly reporting, another addition, is an HTML5-compatible Web reporting tool that allows development teams to answer questions about security, reliability and maintainability of their codebase in a drag-and-drop way. The reports can be customized with on-the-fly impact analysis to fit particular needs and offer full visibility over the entire codebase. Zukich said the Visual Studio plug-in helps developers see where all similar issues are located; instead of correcting each one, they can correct all similar issues instantly.

“Speed was the theme of this release,” said Gwyn Fisher, CTO of Klocwork. “Our customers want faster analysis, faster access to build data, and instant visibility across all their projects and code branches.”

Zukich added that the plug-in works seamlessly within Visual Studio and is completely automated. Developers, he said, do not have to worry about adding any additional steps to their process in order to take advantage of these features.