Kodak Alaris today announced the creation of AI Foundry, a business dedicated to helping organizations process and learn from structured and unstructured data through the use of proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The launch of AI Foundry marks the next phase in Kodak Alaris’ evolution as a leading provider of information management solutions, building on the success of its award-winning document scanners and capture software, which power business processes in many of the world’s largest companies.

According to IDC, unstructured communications and related content – email, pictures, instant messages, documents, and other formats – account for 90% of all digital information. This unstructured content must be read and understood, before a response can be created and a business process initiated. As a result, organizations require new automation solutions to address the volume and variety of unstructured data or face increasingly labor intensive B2B or B2C processes.

“Unstructured communications are a disruptive force to the enterprise, breaking automation, adding cost to business processes, and driving down customer satisfaction,” said Steve Butler, general manager of AI Foundry. “AI Foundry was established to harness the power of artificial intelligence to understand amorphous data and provide smarter ‘context aware’ information management. With our end-to-end solutions for automating business processes, enterprises can work with AI Foundry to solve customer experience or content management problems holistically and drive the greatest ROI.”

Artificial Intelligence based solutions are especially powerful when used to understand customer communications and take action—whether responding to an inquiry, building a knowledge base, or kicking off a workflow process. By adopting this new wave in technology, organizations can deliver more accurate responses on the first interaction, reduce handling times, minimize transaction costs, and increase staff productivity. More important than just saving money, businesses can now drive up customer satisfaction and loyalty by creating better customer experiences.

AI Foundry’s flagship offering, Info Insight, is ideal for businesses across a variety of industries and vertical markets, such as insurance, healthcare, retail, logistics, utilities, and anywhere customers interact electronically with their vendors. The algorithms underpinning the solution rely on linguistics (i.e. semantic understanding) to make sense out of unstructured communications, while learning in real time and “getting smarter” over time. Info Insight also incorporates smart routing to send inquiries and suggested responses to the “best person” considering that person’s skill level, availability, time zone, and even language.

“The name ‘AI Foundry’ aligns with our iron-clad solutions for understanding and managing unstructured communications,” said Alan Swahn, vice president of marketing at AI Foundry. “The core advantage is that Info Insight uses natural language processing to read and understand unstructured information from all media that we use to communicate in our daily lives, including email, web chats, text messages, email attachments, and social media content. Traditional rule and keyword-based systems just aren’t up to the task of solving today’s problem. Our new breed of ‘context aware’ information management, positions AI Foundry to capitalize on the explosive growth of unstructured data.”

According to a report by Forrester Research, AI is evolving fast in this decade, and it will become part of the daily engagement of customers with computers, devices, wearables, and systems we interact with to get tasks done, get answers, get support in making decisions, and automate repetitive actions.

The investment in AI Foundry demonstrates Kodak Alaris’ commitment to further embed itself into organizational business processes, as companies seek ways to manage all forms of communication to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.