Companies find many benefits from using Kubernetes to manage their containers, but might find that one challenge is managing resources and costs.

In order to solve this problem, workload optimization company Granulate has released a new free solution, gMaestro, which companies can use to gain visibility into their Kubernetes clusters and avoid over-provisioning resources. 

According to Granulate, gMaestro can reduce costs by 60%. It allows users to automatically apply HPA, CPU, and Memory request changes. 

In addition to reducing over-provisioning, it also allows for optimal performance to be maintained so that companies can still offer competitive SLAs. 

It works with HPA as well as different resource reservation sizes and cluster autoscalers. It also works with various cloud service providers, including GCP, Azure, AWS, OpenShift. 

“Kubernetes have played a key role in managing containerized environments and reducing development times, yet cost and resource management remain challenging,” the company wrote in a blog post. “The costs of over-provisioning and mismanaged, idle, and even forgotten resources have become a significant financial burden for companies globally. But they shouldn’t be.”