The town in which The Linker resides here in beautiful Long Island is having roadwork done directly outside his house. The now 8-inch drop between his driveway and street level causes The Link-mobile to bottom out every morning as The Linker departs for work. And, after a freak October storm that dropped several inches of “wintry mix” onto the unpaved dirt road, his car now bottoms out and then sinks into a huge brown pool that only a hippo could love! And like the hippo, there’s no point in washing it. Now, here are some links for you all to bathe in.

The fractal nature of SharePoint, from The Sanity Point blog…

SharePoint claims authentication—sticky sessions ARE required!

SharePoint blogs: Cut e-mails, improve communication.

User adoption of standards for taxonomy and metadata—Are we there yet?

Store and manage business intelligence content in a central location.

Not-so-random YouTube entry: The call of the wild