The developer preview of Indigo.Design App Builder by Infragistics is now available. It is a digital design platform that streamlines app creation from design to code by enabling collaboration between designers and developers, according to the company. 

Creating the user interface of an application takes up to 60% of the total time spent on an application, research firm Gartner explained, and the chance for time-consuming mistakes increases as the application is being sent back and forth between the two sides. 

Indigo.Design aims to solve this problem with its cloud-based WYSIWYG drag and drop tool to allow teams to build and process their UI/UX designs in real-time and offering the ability to use the tools that teams prefer. 

“Indigo.Design streamlines app creation and eliminates costly and avoidable re-work that prevent applications from getting to market quickly,” Infragistics wrote in a post.

Teams can also turn they’re real-time designs into production-ready HTML, TypeScript and CSS for Angular. In 2021.

The company stated that later this year, the tool will additionally generate code for React, Web Components and Blazor. App Builder will be fully integrated within Indigo.Design in April 2021. Currently, App Builder is compatible with the design tools Adobe XD, Sketch & Figma.

“We created App Builder to address the inefficiencies that often result from designers and developers working in separate tools and in silos, and the miscommunication that often plagues handoffs,” said Jason Beres, the head of UX tools and the senior vice president at Infragistics. “While most low-code apps on the market were built specifically for developers–or used to activate citizen developers–App Builder provides a single common platform for collaborative app design and development. This approach empowers and enables designers and developers to streamline app creation, from design to code.”