OutSystems is releasing a new low-code visual debugger. The platform will allow users to troubleshoot code that is running server-side or on mobile devices.

According to the company, low-code solutions allow teams to deliver solutions 10 times faster than if they were coding the whole thing; but currently there aren’t really any good low-code platforms for debugging. The ones that market themselves as low-code still require complicated setup such as plug-in installations, configuration settings and scripts that would be beyond the ability of the average developer. OutSystems’ solution aims to solve this problem.

“Today, we set a new bar for developers struggling to debug code running on mobile devices. To provide organizations with a low-code approach for building rich mobile experiences, but then expect them to resort to complex developer tools when it is time to debug them, completely defeats the purpose of a low-code platform,” said Gonçalo Borrêga, head of product at OutSystems. “We see developers modeling complex interactions and logic that runs on the device, taking advantage of native capabilities. By providing a seamless and visual debugging experience, whether the code is running on an iPhone, Android, or server-side, we ensure teams get the benefits of low-code throughout the entire development lifecycle.”

With this new capability, users can create and troubleshoot any type of applications and reduce the risk of critical mobile initiative. The debugger tab within OutSystems will provide relevant data like variable and runtime values as well as debugging context.