Mike Hughes, product evangelist at OutSystems 
Today, many organizations are saddled with loads of technical debt and are unable to adapt at the speed the business needs. The developer skill sets required to deliver the digital experiences customers expect are either impossible to find or prohibitively expensive. 

OutSystems believes it is possible to deliver great digital experiences with the agility organizations need and the talent they already have.

We do this by abstracting customers from the complexity of setting up a modern cloud application platform. Our technology allows organizations to focus on quickly creating unique digital experiences that cover the widest range of use cases and channels (such as portals, mobile apps, AI chatbots, and more) and will never become legacy.

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Products and services can be continuously delivered and updated with the agility the business demands. Built-in automation across the entire app delivery life cycle ensures apps are not only quick to create but also quick to change based on customer feedback.  Unlike no-code platforms, OutSystems low-code allows any app to be scaled as needed with built-in security. Meaning, there are no walls, no need to change to different technology and rewrite when an app needs to scale.

And finally, you are able to tackle the talent challenge head-on. Our platform empowers developers to deliver technology outcomes that would have required many more people and specialized skills, and also enables tech-savvy business users to contribute to the delivery of digital assets. Built-in governance ensures IT always remains in control. We describe this as software with no limits.

Jay Jamison, chief product and technology officer at Quick Base 
Quick Base unites business and IT teams on a common platform, enabling almost anyone within an organization to develop applications safely and securely to support their unique processes.  

When more people get involved with development, the entire organization benefits from better utilization of resources and faster delivery of applications. Traditional development cycles can be very time-consuming and expensive. By contrast, low-code applications maximize efficiency by enabling quick development and ongoing iteration from all corners of an organization. The result is that IT and professional developers can prioritize time and effort on broader initiatives that most require their expertise, while business users, commonly known as citizen developers, can quickly develop tools for their unique needs and easily update those tools in response to changing needs. 

Quick Base’s low-code platform empowers this continuous innovation while at the same time managing risk, standardizing governance of low-code applications on one platform rather than across many point solutions. Businesses can speed up innovation and simultaneously reduce IT burdens and risks through safe, secure and sustainable citizen development. Ultimately, not only is the overall development process streamlined and more impactful, but organizations also end up creating a culture of innovation and rapid process improvement, allowing them to be more agile, evolving to meet fast-changing market conditions.