Macrosoft Inc. announces the launch of its .NET Migration Service. Its experienced team work to modernize clients’ critical business applications by moving them to the .NET Framework. By migrating legacy FoxPro, Access, VB, dbase and ASP-based applications, clients reap the benefits of a scalable, flexible and supportable environment while improving the performance and reliability of their existing applications.

Macrosoft, which specializes in leading-edge software design and development, is uniquely positioned to offer this service. Its skilled team of developers and managers possess strong backgrounds in both the legacy and .NET environments. They understand the importance of modernizing a business’ applications and creating a return on investment in their software applications.

“We have successfully migrated numerous companies’ mission-critical applications to the .NET Framework. Our goal is to migrate legacy business applications in order to meet current and future business needs with the latest technology trends while mitigating the cost and risk involved,” said G.N. Shah, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and Development at Macrosoft.