MapR Technologies, the provider of the open, enterprise-grade distribution for Apache Hadoop, today announced that MapR will make its distribution for Hadoop available on Google Compute Engine. The combination of the new Google service and the MapR distribution enables customers to quickly provision large MapR clusters on demand and to take advantage of the flexibility, agility and scalability of a cloud-based solution.

Google pioneered MapReduce for their internal search framework, which inspired the community development of Hadoop. Now, through MapR’s distribution for Hadoop, organizations are able to benefit from Google’s highly available, dependable, and scalable infrastructure for Big Data analytics.

MapR also demonstrated a significant price/performance breakthrough on stage at Google I/O completing a one terabyte (TB) TeraSort job in 1 minute 20 seconds. This result was achieved on a Google Compute Engine cluster with 1256 nodes, 1256 disks and 5024 cores at a cost of $16. This result compares favorably with the existing world record of one minute two seconds that was set with a physical cluster with more than four times the disks, twice as many cores, 200 more servers, and at a cost of more than $5 million.

“Off-premise, on-demand computing is an important part of the future for Hadoop,” said John Schroeder, CEO and co-founder of MapR Technologies. “MapR is solidifying that future by partnering with Google and leveraging their cost-effective, high performance and scale-out infrastructure.”

The integration of MapR with Google Compute Engine includes a menu of MapR compute configurations where customers can easily store, manage and analyze large volumes of data cost effectively in the cloud. Customers have the flexibility within Google Compute Engine to pay on demand and quickly and easily spin up 1,000+ node clusters.

“To help customers get the most out of our cloud platform products,” explains Eric Morse, head of sales and business development, for Google’s cloud platform, “we work closely with technology companies that provide powerful complementary solutions integrated with our platform.”

Google Compute Engine partners include technology firms, such as software vendors, platform companies, and management and tools vendors, and early collaboration with services firms, such as systems integrators, developers, and IT consultants. These partners offer complementary services, solutions, and technologies that have been integrated to provide customers with powerful new solutions using Google Compute Engine. MapR on Google Compute Engine will be available as a free private beta for a select number of customers. Interested customers can learn more and request access and to learn more about the Google Compute Engine, go to

The availability of MapR on the Google Compute Engine will be available as a free private beta for a select number of customers. Interested customers should review and fill out the nomination form.