MapR Technologies, Inc., visionary creator of the next-generation data platform for AI and Analytics, today announced the MapR AI Edge Program, an AI accelerator program that provides a free MapR enterprise license to NVIDIA Inception Startup members, enabling deployment agility with data management between and across edge, cloud, and on-premises for all ML and AI products.

“Customers will be able to provide more impactful demos of their AI product by running GPUs anywhere and being able to take advantage of all of the features and capabilities built into MapR,” said Jack Norris, senior vice president, data and applications, MapR. “MapR AI Edge Program enables faster deployments and the ability to spotlight NVIDIA in mixed-use environments, eliminating barriers and expediting value creation of AI apps from development to testing and demonstration.”

This free program to NVIDIA Inception Partners includes an enterprise license of MapR for all ML and AI products with no storage limitations for developing, testing, and demonstrating products. MapR provides data protection, data security, data movement, and other data logistics, all while providing the fastest data platform to build machine learning and AI-based products. This platform includes Distributed File and Object Storage (e.g., S3), a NoSQL JSON Document Database, and the Event Store for Apache Kafka for real-time needs.