Metalogix Software, working with Microsoft, has announced Search First, a free tool to enable organizations to adopt SharePoint 2010 search capabilities within an existing SharePoint 2007 environment.

The tool, according to an announcement by Metalogix, will help give users more accurate and relevant search results by taking advantage of SharePoint’s flexibility to address specific business requirements.

“Understanding Search is the primary means in the enterprise for surfacing and locating information, and as a result, has become a mission-critical component of SharePoint deployments,” said Bill Baer, Microsoft technical product manager for SharePoint.

“The rise in adoption of SharePoint 2010 has led to more customers seeking to leverage the benefits of the new search architectures, whether Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010 or through implementing FAST Search Server as part of their topologies.”

The Search First tool puts SharePoint 2010 search infrastructure behind SharePoint 2007 implementations, letting users of the older version of the collaboration software leverage the new search features in 2010, the company announced.

Julien Sellgren, CTO of Metalogix, said that the new tool “will help [users] better manage their SharePoint data and prepare for a move to SharePoint 2010 in the future.”