Microsoft has announced that .NET MAUI Community Toolkit v1.3 is now available. The toolkit is a library of .NET MAUI extensions, UI/UX controls, and other Behaviors created by the .NET community.

New in this release is a new Behavior that allows the looks of the status bar on iOS and Android to be customized. Because it is a Behavior, style can be changed on a per page basis or dynamically in response to user actions or status. Currently the two properties that can be changed are the color of the status bar background and making the text and icons on the status bar light, dark, or the system default. 

Gravatars (globally recognized avatars) can now be displayed next to people’s names or email addresses using the GravatarImageSource property. Gravatars are commonly used in forums or blog post comments to identify users. This property can be used anywhere an ImageSource would normally be used. 

This release also improves animations in .NET MAUI. The FadeAnimation property has been introduced, which allows you to animate the opacity of visual elements. This allows for animations that respond to user interactions, according to Microsoft. The company also plans to add Flip, Rotate, Scale, and Shake animations in a future release. 

And finally, Source Link, which is a tool that provides debugging for binaries, has been enabled for .NET MAUI Community Toolkit builds. The company believes this will provide a better debugging experience.