Microsoft has released the first community technology preview for Visual Studio “14,” including support for its recently announced technologies such as the Roslyn .NET compiler, ASP.NET vNext and Apache Cordova support.

The “14” CTP was announced in a blog post from Microsoft corporate vice president of the developer division S. Somasegar, who revealed that the preview also includes an early look at C++ 11 support and revamped C# refactoring support.

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Microsoft has been releasing updates and new support for Visual Studio at a rapid cadence lately. Starting with the release of Visual Studio Online last November, the company released Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 in January followed by a CTP of Update 2 in February.

Then in April at its Build conference, Microsoft announced universal Windows apps for Visual Studio and the open-source Roslyn C# compiler, followed by a release of Python tools, then capped off in May with the announcement of Apache Cordova support for Visual Studio and ASP.NET vNext at the TechEd conference.

Now the company is moving on to Visual Studio “14” and rolling all support for all the recently announced software into the latest version of the IDE. Visual Studio “14” CTP is available now for download.