Microsoft has released the fourth community technology preview of its next version of Visual Studio, codenamed “14.” This release, which comes just over a month after the release of CTP 3, is designed to include all features and fixes from previous CTPs.

The release features:

  • NET vNext tooling and runtime updates: Added support for the NuGet Package Manager and package manger console for ASP.NET vNext projects. The ASP.NET vNext template has also been updated to provide a more natural project layout.
  • Debugger improvements: A new breakpoint configuration experience has been added to make it easier to find and use breakpoints associated with conditional statements, hit counts, filters and tracepoints,. Also, debugging performance has been improved to make C++ apps start faster when debugging.
  • XAML Editor supports Peek: Added support for Peek definition for all XAML project types  so users can utilize the Peek definition command to view and edit code without having to switch the context or document they are working in.

In addition, Microsoft also announced the release of TypeScript 1.1 CTP for Visual Studio “14” CTP 4, Visual Studio 2013 and Node Packaged Modules. The TypeScript preview includes a new compiler core designed to perform better and lay the foundation for future language features, according to the company. The compiler is compatible with projects built with the 1.0 compiler.

“While this release updates the compiler, the editing experience in Visual Studio is still powered by the 1.0 compiler technology. Our next goal is to bring this language service up to date with the rewritten compiler and finish modernizing the experience for command line compilation and IDE editing. This will allow IntelliSense, code navigation, and other code editing tools such as Visual Studio a way to leverage the new compiler infrastructure,” Jonathan Turner, program manager for the TypeScript team, wrote on the company’s blog.

More information about Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 is available here.