The software corporation announced a major update to its Oracle Mobile Suite, headlined by the release of MAF, Oracle’s new Mobile Application Framework. Designed to leverage Oracle’s existing cross-platform development tools for mobile, MAF aims to simplify multi-device mobile app development.

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Oracle’s framework gives developers the choice between Eclipse and the JDeveloper IDE, and a selection of programming languages including HTML5, Java and JavaScript. MAF also contains more than 80 UI components with the ability to create declarative, reusable UI components, as well as support for Apache Cordova plug-ins for implementing device features across different mobile operating systems.

The framework also ties into Oracle products such as the Oracle Mobile Security Suite and other updated components of the Oracle Mobile Suite, including the Oracle Service Bus, which adds a unified design-time JDeveloper environment and built-in memory distributed caching in the new release.

More information on the updated Oracle Mobile Suite and MAF framework is available here.