SOASTA’s CloudTest platform now includes functional testing for multi-touch gestures on Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Additionally, SOASTA announced the availability of its Private Device Cloud, which allows developers to use devices already in a network to test particular applications and functions.

TouchTest, part of the CloudTest platform, records actions on an Android or iOS device, then replays them so that a tester can see how the user will experience certain applications. The devices, according to SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos, do not have to be connected to the computer in order to be recorded; they are connected to TouchTest wirelessly. In the recording, TouchTest “captures the start and end points of each gesture, the journey between, and the speed with which the gesture is performed,” according to the release announcing the news.

iOS devices do not need to be jailbroken in order to be tested; their Internet connection allows TouchTest to wirelessly communicate with any and all devices attached to a particular test.

The Private Device Cloud can be set up within a network of existing devices so that employees can test applications before they are released to end users. Employees can opt in or out for each test, according to Lounibos.

TouchTest is available to existing customers of CloudTest and CloudTest Lite. Additionally, developers can use CloudTest’s iOS and Android Labs as starter kits for mobile development teams. Developers can use the CloudTest platform with one first device for free; there are several different pricing options, based on a pay-as-you-go model.