Software development tool provider Telerik today announced the first-quarter release of its Ultimate Collection, including the official release of RadControls for Windows Phone 7, the JustCode Visual Studio add-in, and OpenAccess ORM for object-relational data mapping.

RadControls for Window Phone 7 ease mobile application development by providing a rich set of tools, including new data visualization components, that are “perfectly suited for mobile, dashboard-style applications,” said Telerik chief evangelist Todd Anglin. “This is one of those segments where Microsoft has a lot of investment and growing momentum, and Nokia can take Windows Phone 7 to a higher level.”

The JustCode plug-in gives developers assistive features such as de-compiling, which Anglin said will provide a way into source code in files that normally don’t offer that kind of access within Visual Studio. “For .NET applications, developers write code, compile it and ship it as a single assembly,” he explained.

“Developers don’t normally get access to the lines of code in the assembly.”

With the new plug-in, Anglin said developers “can drive right into the code and expand it so see what’s going on. It’s like having the ability to extract blueprints from a finished house.”

OpenAccess ORM features a redesign of the visual designer data access tool, with wizards and other assistive features “to make ORM accessible to developers of any skill level,” Anglin said. He added that Telerik improved its Linq2SQL converter and introduced a new converter for the Entity Framework in the first-quarter release.

The company plans updates in April to its WebUI Test Studio and TeamPulse agile management software; those are licensed separately from the Ultimate Collection, Anglin said.