Android started a multi-quarter program of improvements to make ratings more personalized and indicative of the experience each individual user can expect, and to make them easier to navigate and use for developers.

In November 2021, users on phones will start to see ratings specific to their registered country. 

Also, early in 2022, users on other form-factors such as tablets, Chromebooks, and wearables will start to see ratings specific to the device that they’re on.

Additional details are available here

Kong Konnect available on Red Hat OpenShift

Kong Konnect is now available on Red Hat OpenShift to bolster API and service connectivity across Kubernetes and hybrid architectures. 

“Kong Konnect is now a certified Red Hat OpenShift Operator,” said Julio Tapia, senior director, Partner Ecosystem, Core Cloud Platforms, Red Hat. “Kong has worked closely with Red Hat to streamline and automate deployments of Kong’s leading API management solution on Red Hat OpenShift so enterprises can better support their hybrid and multi-cloud strategies with Kong Konnect and OpenShift.”

Kong Konnect is now available on Red Hat Marketplace. Kong’s Operator certification helps enterprises install and automate day-2 operations of Kong Konnect on OpenShift. Enterprises can more easily launch Kong Konnect’s API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress and management solution on Red Hat OpenShift, according to the company. 

IBM unveils new processor for deep learning inference 

IBM unveiled details of the upcoming new IBM Telum Processor, designed to bring deep learning inference to enterprise workloads to help address fraud in real-time.

Telum is IBM’s first processor that contains on-chip acceleration for inferencing while a transaction is taking place.  

A Telum-based system is planned for the first half of 2022. Additional details are available here. 

JetBrains releases roadmap for ReSharper 2021.3

JetBrains release a list of priorities for the 2021.3 release cycle which include Visual Studio 2022, C# 10 support, grammar checking, and more. 

The company stated that some of the features that the company is working on might be delayed until a later version. 

The full list is available here.