Moovweb today announced the availability of Moovweb 4, the next generation of its responsive delivery mobile platform that enables enterprises of all sizes to unify their web, mobile and apps strategy by leveraging their existing investments instead of rewriting or creating custom mobile silos. Moovweb 4 now works instantly and seamlessly with hundreds of leading IT software solutions that enterprises already use to run their businesses. The latest release of Moovweb also includes new optimization capabilities that provide greater control for developers to create high performance mobile experiences. Additionally, Moovweb announced expansion of their cloud offering that now includes secure data centers for EMEA and Latin America that provide greater failover capabilities and better performance for global customers.

“The Moovweb platform was the critical factor that enabled us to deliver our new mobile experience 40% faster,” said Francesca Schuller, CMO of BevMo!. “The platform empowered us to simply leverage all the features and content of our current desktop site, which meant we could focus all of our attention on delivering an exceptional customer experience.”

Moovweb 4 uses Responsive Delivery to enable businesses to go mobile by taking a fundamentally different approach to unifying their web, mobile and app development. With Moovweb, a business’s mobile sites and apps inherit and stay in sync with a desktop site’s content, features and business logic. This approach allows powerful mobile experiences to be delivered in days, not months and drives radically improved business agility over time.

Moovweb 4 is packed with new capabilities, that include:

Out-of-the-box support for leading IT software solutions
• Widely used CMS including Sharepoint, DNN, and Alfresco and hundreds of others
• Top eCommerce engines like Demandware, ATG Commerce, Magento, and dozens more
• Security solutions such as Novell Access Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager, and Symantec
• Business critical analytics packages including Google Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager
• Leading backend databases such as Oracle, DB2, Access
• Authentication providers including Google, Facebook, Twitter and others
• Marketing automation solutions like Marketo, Genius, and Eloqua.
• And much more.

Greater Developer Control and Mobile Experience Optimization
• Simplified testing of mobile sites and apps with the Moovweb debugger for Chrome
• Access to mobile-only functionality to create highly customized experiences for any device
• Improved performance with decreased mobile page load times using Image optimization, including support for WebP, Dynamic JavaScript concatenation, and advanced caching
• Continually improve mobile results with advanced A/B testing

Improved Project Management and Monitoring
• Easily manage and secure user access and project builds with simplified user and build management
• Track requests and overall project health with detailed project analytics
• Track and audit critical project updates with real-time notifications via email

“The new release of Moovweb makes it even faster and easier for enterprises to leverage their existing web assets, business logic and infrastructure to go mobile,” stated Hampton Catlin, CTO for Moovweb. “We’ve also delivered even faster performance for mobile sites and apps powered through the secure Moovweb cloud.”

Developers can get started using Moovweb 4 today by downloading the updated, free developer tools. With the Developer Tools they create a fully functional local copy of the target website then transform and style the mobile experience using Tritium, a simple scripting language and test using the Moovweb Debugger for Chrome.  Once finished, developers simply deploy their projects to the Moovweb cloud.