Microsoft announced the release of the first .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) Release Candidate. 

.NET MAUI leverages platform SDKs for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, which are included in this release. Developers can use the SDKs directly with C# in addition to maximizing code sharing and productivity with .NET MAUI.

.NET MAUI includes over 40 layouts and controls optimized for building adaptive UIs across both desktop and mobile platforms. 

Developers can also share their Blazor web components directly in .NET MAUI apps while having access to native device capabilities and packaging. By using .NET MAUI and Blazor together, one can reuse one set of web UI components across mobile, desktop, and web.

The new release candidate improves upon the Xamarin.Forms architecture by adding low-code hooks to modify many things. 

To acquire .NET MAUI RC1, one has to install or update Visual Studio 2022 Preview to version 17.2 Preview 3. In the installer, confirm .NET MAUI (preview) is checked under the “Mobile Development with .NET workload”.

Additional details on .NET MAUI are available here.