Microsoft is continuing its commitment to Python with the release of the Python Language Server. It is currently available as part of the July release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code, and will be released as a standalone component in the near future.

Previously, Visual Studio had IntelliSense for Python, but that is a feature specific to Visual Studio. Microsoft IntelliSense is a code analysis and suggestion tool that offer auto-completions for variables, functions, and other symbols in code.

According to Microsoft, IntelliSense has a deep understanding of Python, but only Visual Studio users were able to reap those benefits. The Python Language Server will enable users to get those benefits using any tool compatible with the Language Server Protocol.

“Having a standalone, cross-platform language server means that we can continue to innovate and improve on our IntelliSense experience for Python developers in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code at the same time,” Steve Dower, developer at Microsoft, wrote in a post.

The version included in the July release of Visual Studio Code’s Python extension is an early version of the server, including features such as:

  • Syntax errors will appear as code is typed
  • It provides warning when modules cannot be found
  • The ability to use typeshed files to fill in missing completions
  • Improved performance for analyzing workspaces and presenting completions
  • The ability to detect syntax errors within the entire workspace
  • Faster startup times and imports
  • Better handling for several language constructs