Microsoft has announced the August 2018 release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available.

This release features version 4.1.1 of Microsoft’s Python debugger, ptvsd. According to the company, this release is a significant improvement over version 3.0 of the debugger. The debugging engine is now built on top of open-source project pydevd, enabling users to leverage its performance and support for third-party libraries.

Ptvsd 4.1.1 also supports the Logpoints feature, which allows developers to add print statements without needing to stop code execution, the company explained. This feature was originally added in the March release of VS Code.

Microsoft also improved remote debugging so that any 4.x version of ptvsd can be installed, rather than having to install the exact version in VS Code and on the remote server.

The company also added several improvements to the preview for the Microsoft Python Language Server, a Python analysis engine hosted on VS Code. The language server now will populate a document with all symbols, rather than just the top-level ones. It also made several bug fixes to the server as well.

A complete list of improvements and fixes can be found here.