Microsoft announced the release of .NET 6 Release Candidate 1, the first of two “go live” releases that are supported in production. It can be downloaded for Linux, macOS, and Windows and it focuses on quality improvements aimed to resolve functional or performance issues.

.NET 6 Release Candidate 1 has been tested and is supported with Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4. Usage in Visual Studio 2022 will allow for development in .NET MAUI, Hot Reload for C# apps, new Web Live Preview for Webforms and other performance improvements to your IDE.

See the .NET MAUI and ASP.NET Core posts for more details on the release. 

Aerospike 5.7 

Aerospike released Aerospike 5.7 designed to deliver queries on larger, more mission critical data sets. The release will bring more efficient memory management that results in 40% smaller indexes, fast and efficient garbage collection of deleted index entries in real-time, and faster access times via linking from secondary index entries to primary index locations.

With this release, Aerospike is also investing in their Expressions to provide more processing power and richer query capability. This can be used to enhance data in place through multi operations in conjunction with operations allowing more processing to occur local to the data.  

Fore more details on the release visit Aerospike’s website.

Kinetica announces integration with Confluent

Kinetica’s new native integration with Confluent will give organizations the ability to conduct analysis on both streaming and stateful data in real-time, providing richer context at speed and scale to power better decision-making.  

 “As organizations become consumed with vast amounts of IoT data, it seemed natural to integrate with Confluent to help organizations fuse real-time and contextual data to ensure they can make the best decisions quickly.”

Kinetica provides rapid analytics on data at rest, delivering vital context on top of streaming data in Kafka. 

Kobiton raises $12 million in funding 

Kobiton raised $12 million to accelerate development of Kobiton’s portfolio of mobile testing products and further enhance the Kobiton platform.

“We have a very unique way of approaching mobile quality and the mobile experience; we see the need to provide end-to-end quality features from Developers to QA to DevOps, while driving release efficiency throughout the entire software release cycle,” says Kevin Lee, CEO of Kobiton. 

Kobiton stated that its mission is to to enable true mobile continuous testing without the associated complexity and costly script maintenance.