Some of the major highlights of the TypeScript 4.4 beta are control flow analysis of aliased conditions, symbol and template string pattern index signatures and more. 

With control flow analysis of aliased conditions enabled, developers don’t have to convince TypeScript of a variable’s type whenever it is used because the type-checker leverages something called control flow analysis to deduce the type within every language construct.

TypeScript also now lets users describe objects where every property has to have a certain type using index signatures to form dictionary-like types, where string keys can be used to index into them with square brackets.

Additional details on all of the highlights in the new version are available here

Rust support improvements in Linux kernel 

The Linux kernel received several major improvements to overall Rust support including removed panicking allocations, added support for the beta compiler as well as testing.

The goal with the improvements is to have everything the kernel needs in the upstream ‘alloc’ and to drop it from the kernel tree. ‘Alloc’ is now compiled with panicking allocation methods disabled, so that they cannot be used within the kernel by mistake.

As for compiler support, Linux is now using the 1.54-beta1 version as its reference compiler. At the end of this month, `rustc` 1.54 will be released, and the kernel will move to that version as the new reference. 

Additional details on all of the support improvements are available here.

Sauce Labs acquires Backtrace

Sauce Labs announced that it has acquired Backtrace, a provider of error monitoring solutions for software teams. 

 “Combined with our recent acquisitions of API Fortress, AutonomIQ, and TestFairy, the addition of Backtrace extends Sauce Labs solutions to meet every stage of the development journey. We’re thrilled to welcome the talented people and products of Backtrace and look forward to supporting their high-quality innovation as part of the Sauce Labs team,” said Aled Miles, president and CEO of Sauce Labs.

Backtrace offers a cross-platform error monitoring solution for desktop, mobile, devices, game consoles, and server platforms that helps organizations reduce debugging time and improve software quality.

Apache weekly update

Last week at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) saw the release of Apache Camel 3.11, which includes a new ‘camel-kamelet-main’ component intended for developers to try out or develop custom Kamelets, a ‘getSourceTimestamp’ API on ‘Message’ and more.

Apache MetaModel, which was a common interface for discovery, exploration of metadata and querying of different types of data sources has been retired. 

Also, Apache Druid was found to have a vulnerability that authenticated users to read data from other sources than intended.

Other new releases last week included Apache Geode 1.13.3 and 1.12.3. Additional details on all news from the ASF are available here.