Microsoft introduced contacts in Live Share that enables developers to collaborate with recent and contextual collaborators in VS 16.4. In-built audio calling has also been enhanced.

“With app casting your debugging sessions can be a powerful place to do real-time collaboration and make progress on hard bugs. With direct invitations and status sharing with contacts you now have a new ease to your collaboration process.”

The full details on the new feature are available here.

Rockset Partners with Tableau for real-time dashboards on NoSQL Data
Serverless search and analytics company Rockset announced that it partnered with Tableau. This brings users the ability to build interactive, live Tableau dashboards on NoSQL data without requiring any coding.

Rockset captures  NoSQL data from sources such as Apache Kafka and Amazon DynamoDB, which then helps Tableau users monitor business data. With Rockset, streaming event data from Kafka is automatically represented as a dynamic SQL table and available for querying in seconds.

The full details on the integration are available here.

Android 10 introduces privacy protections for physical activity 
Android announced a new runtime permission for activity recognition for apps in Android 10.

Starting December 2019, data will be restricted from apps not including the Google Play Services legacy activity recognition permission in the manifest. The system also auto-grants this permission to an app when a user upgrades to Android 10.

The activity recognition runtime permission is required for certain RecordingAPI and HistoryAPI. The full details are available here.