Mu Dynamics, Inc., the leader in validating and testing applications and application-aware networks, today announced that Mu Dynamics Mu TestCloud, a cloud-based content store, now delivers more than 3,000 ready-to-run tests that can be used to validate application and security policies on intelligent enterprise networks. With Fortune 1000 enterprises and service providers deploying next-generation network infrastructure to provide advanced services, the ability to guarantee performance and security is critical. Numerous Mu Dynamics customers have now adopted Mu TestCloud in conjunction with Mu Studio to recreate real-world traffic mixes to validate that their application and security policies work as expected. For more information on Mu TestCloud, visit

“The ability to accurately recreate today’s most popular applications is of paramount importance to us in testing our FortiGate multi-threat security appliance family,” said Michael Xie, chief technology officer with Fortinet. “Mu Dynamics Mu TestCloud provides us with an ongoing supply of new application content, allowing us to consistently stay on top of the latest application traffic running over our customers’ networks.”

A cloud-based repository for network performance and security testing, Mu TestCloud helps customers accurately recreate real application traffic mixes — a must-have capability for testing and validating devices such as next-generation firewalls. Mu TestCloud content is constantly updated, with hundreds of new application tests and security attacks every month, based on both customer demand and popularity. This gives service providers and other Fortune 1000 enterprises across the globe a fast and accurate way to recreate both new and existing applications or security attacks that can impact their networks.

Mu TestCloud now delivers tests for recreating popular enterprise business applications such as Microsoft SharePoint,, Cisco Webex, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Microsoft Active Directory. It also offers security attacks such as zero-days and exploits. To view the currently available test content on Mu TestCloud, visit

“Leading service providers and other Fortune 1000 enterprises are adopting next-generation application firewalls for better visibility and control,” said Simon Berman, vice president of products, Mu Dynamics. “In order to test and validate them, it is critical to recreate the most popular applications as well as the latest security threats and attacks — far beyond old-fashioned synthetic testing practices. Only Mu TestCloud has the necessary real-world application traffic and security attacks to accurately test and validate these intelligent network devices.”