Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective load testing tools for web applications, today announced the availability of NeoLoad v3.2 now with on demand load testing from the cloud.

The latest version also supports new technologies such as Silverlight, Siebel and VMWare Monitoring as well other new features to improve efficiencies.

Increasingly, organizations worldwide are creating web based applications to support business innovation. As these applications grow in complexity and number of users, it is essential to deploy large scale performance tests. To test these complex applications at scale in-house can be costly and challenging to set up, particularly if testing from different geographies. NeoLoad v3.2 with its integrated Cloud Platform addresses these challenges by providing all the capabilities required to conduct large scale, multi geographical tests from the cloud.

NeoLoad v3.2 users can easily move from resources inside the firewall to the cloud outside the firewall. Large scale tests that stress the entire application delivery chain are also available “on demand” with NeoLoad v3.2. Load generation tests using the Neotys Cloud Platform offer greater flexibility and speed to address a more comprehensive range of testing scenarios. Testing teams can now create, execute and analyze performance tests that integrate internal and external resources from the cloud.
“Until recently, QA and testing professionals have maintained applications on large servers and conducted performance and load tests within the firewall,” said Thibaud Bussiere, CEO, Neotys. “Today the cloud has changed the way many companies host and maintain their applications and as a result the way we conduct performance and load testing needs to change too. NeoLoad’s Cloud Testing solution now allows companies to test their consumer-facing web applications even more quickly and affordably. Customers have the choice to use their own infrastructure and/or efficiently and securely leverage cloud capabilities to run the performance tests they need.”
NeoLoad Cloud Testing is a comprehensive and flexible solution to conduct load and stress tests with load generation from the cloud.

Key benefits include:
• Infinite scalability: Testers can launch and use as many Load Generators as needed. The scalability of the solution ensures that testers can simulate a virtually limitless number of concurrent users.
• Most realistic test conditions: Users can test an application’s entire delivery chain (firewall, routers, etc.) from different parts of the globe.
• Easy and quick to set-up: Provisioning the cloud infrastructure on demand takes just a few minutes.
• Cost effective: Users only pay for the Cloud Load Generators they use.
Beyond the NeoLoad Cloud Testing Solution, NeoLoad v3.2 also supports new technologies.

The Silverlight module allows users to record and play back applications using .Net binary protocols: MC-NBFX (binary XML) and MC-NBFS (binary SOAP).

The Siebel module includes all the features needed to test Siebel Web applications. This includes decoding/encoding of Siebel-format parameters; automatic renaming of pages according to transaction call; framework parameters for correlation; polling request handling; and automatic error detection.

VMware Monitoring
The VMware monitoring module allows users to monitor all the components in a VMware structure: vSphere, ESX and virtual machines. The module collects statistics on the virtual server and host system, plus those specific to VMware itself.

Major enhancements have been added to the SOAP module including support for SOAP 1.2, support for WS-Security and improved WSDL handling.

NeoLoad v3.2 has many other new features including global validations, automatic retrieval of page resources, shared queues, variable scope and more. For a complete update on what is new in NeoLoad v3.2 please click here.
NeoLoad v3.2 is available now and can be tested free for 30 days with a trial version download from the Neotys website. The cost for a 250 virtual user permanent license with the Siebel module is $22,826.  Monthly rental for the same configuration costs $6,024. Additional pricing is also available on the website.