FuseSource Corp., experts in open source integration and messaging, today unveiled a family of packaged services designed to provide enterprise IT departments, architects and software developers with the guidance they need to realize the full potential of Apache ServiceMix, Camel, ActiveMQ and CXF. The new consulting offerings draw on a proven track record of building mission-critical applications and address all facets of the integration and messaging project lifecycle through evaluation, development and production.

“We found the workshop to be an invaluable planning tool that delivered over and above our expectation.”

“With our new packaged services, enterprises gain access to a team of individuals who can apply lessons learned in the most successful large-scale deployments, and at the same time, help uncover new insights that advance and strengthen the Apache community,” said Rob Davies, CTO at FuseSource and co-founder of Apache ServiceMix, Camel and ActiveMQ. “Our new consulting services will help even more organizations gain the freedom to innovate with enterprise-friendly distributions of open source integration and messaging solutions.”

Numerous industry reports indicate that integration and messaging is a multi-billion dollar market, with organizations increasingly seeking proven open source offerings. FuseSource provides subscriptions for enterprise-class distributions of Apache ServiceMix, Camel, ActiveMQ and CXF, and employs more project founders and active committers to Apache Software Foundation integration and messaging projects than any other company. The new packaged services build on this expert knowledge and deep expertise to provide enterprises with the consultative partner they need to ensure success.

The services include:
• Fuse Architecture Assessment: This engagement brings FuseSource experts on site to help architects and integration designers create a detailed strategy for the adoption and deployment of FuseSource distributions and to validate and refine the optimum architecture. Completion results in a Fuse Strategic Architecture Review Document and the confidence that project planning, resource allocation and timelines are realistic and thorough.
• Fuse Proof-of-Concept Workshop: Designed to provide teams with the deep understanding they need to establish a high performance, scalable and reliable deployment architecture, this intensive workshop is ideally suited for architects and developers, while benefiting project managers and business analysts. The workshop results in a detailed plan that outlines high-level architecture, proposed deployment, documented use cases, relevant practices and recommendations that eliminate development cycles and establish the right architecture, standards, tools and practices.
• Fuse Development Best Practice: Providing project teams with the guidance they need to steer technical design decisions, this services package helps enterprises ensure that best practices are in place throughout the development and design phases of their open source integration and messaging efforts. During the process, a FuseSource expert works on site with the project team. The service concludes with remote access to the expert for code review and to resolve any technical issues.
• Fuse Performance, Scaling and HA Review: This consulting offering provides users with Apache integration and messaging solutions in production with access to a FuseSource expert who analyzes their deployment and makes adjustments to ensure optimal manageability, performance, security and reliability. The service also provides in-house project and IT teams with an opportunity to hone technical skills in side-by-side work with an expert from FuseSource.
• Fuse Go-Live Assessment: Consisting of multi-day engagements spanning several months, the Fuse Go-Live Assessment brings FuseSource experts on site for deployment planning, configuration of the product environment, creation of monitoring guidelines and alerts, integration with management systems and finally the review and go-live activities. FuseSource’s experts also create an operations handbook that documents all details required to successfully maintain and manage the system.

Apex Networks engaged FuseSource for an ActiveMQ Proof-of-Concept Workshop,” said Steve Williams, director at Apex Networks, a well-established IT support provider and an important software and solution partner in the U.K.’s vehicle recovery sector. “We found the workshop to be an invaluable planning tool that delivered over and above our expectation.”

To learn more about FuseSource’s packaged services, visit http://fusesource.com/contact. Interested parties can also phone (877) 235-8491 (U.S. toll free) or +31 10 235 11 22.