Software analytics company New Relic, Inc. announced today a new set of features from across the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud that are designed to be an easy and powerful way to specifically monitor development, pre-deployment and production application health and performance on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Additionally, New Relic has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Mobile Competency, which recognizes APN Partners that have deep experience with mobile-first development.

Currently more than half of New Relic’s customers report data from an AWS environment to New Relic through application and server monitoring. These new features for the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud are designed to deliver powerful data to help developers and IT operations teams migrate their applications to Amazon EC2 and then optimize their performance. By enabling customers to marry performance data from both the application and cloud infrastructure layers of their technology stack, the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud can help customers manage large Amazon EC2 deployments with complex lifecycles. The aim of this application-centric approach is to empower customers to better leverage the speed, focus, and economics of the AWS Cloud.

The new AWS monitoring features in the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud are designed to provide customers with the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Monitoring with Context: Utilize the wealth of data in your Amazon EC2 instances by bringing in the customized AWS tags you authored and AWS metadata (AWS Region, instance size, AMI, and other factors) and realize them all as Server Labels in New Relic. This enables you to group and filter, troubleshoot and drill into problem instances, across regions, which can be essential for companies utilizing a large number of Amazon EC2 instances
  • Manage Any Instance Lifespan: Monitor your Amazon EC2 instances in a way that uniquely matches the way companies may utilize Amazon EC2, with some instances existing for mere minutes. When an instance is de-provisioned, these features would identify that action and recognize it no longer exists, aiming to reduce UI clutter so team members can focus on the instances in use.
  • Understand Your Monitoring Coverage: Quickly see which Amazon EC2 instances are not being monitored by New Relic so you can take steps to shine a light on potentially unknown instances and applications.
  • Monitor in Minutes: New Relic customers can begin monitoring their Amazon EC2 instances in a matter of minutes, through a new streamlined process that uses the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), the AWS standard and secure approach for sharing such information.
  • Migrate with Confidence: New AWS monitoring features in the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud aim to give you more insight and confidence to migrate your apps to any availability zone on the AWS Cloud. View the performance of application code, as well as the Amazon EC2 instances that underpin them.