PINS and Servoy have partnered to release an integrated Platform as a Service offering. The PaaS offering is described as a single stack that covers the full line of technology that any software company needs to publish products as SaaS, from development to infrastructure. The benefit, according to the companies, is to let software companies reduce complexity of their SaaS environment. PINS provides the infrastructure part of this offering, while Servoy provides the development and deployment stack.

Arxan Technologies has released a software intellectual property protection system for Mac OS X applications. GuardIT for Mac OS X includes binary-level security, which prohibits changes to the source code and the system development life cycle; customizable protection levels, including obfuscation, encryption, anti-debug, repair and checksum; and instruction-level granularity to fine-tune code protection ranges. The software works with Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

Frozen Mountain has introduced WebSync, a Reverse AJAX (Comet) server that plugs into Microsoft’s IIS Web server. It is designed for use with applications such as live chat, streaming stock data, live auctions, real-time monitoring and news updates. Pricing ranges from US$749 to $999 per developer.

Black Duck says that the latest version of its Protex source code analysis engine is significantly faster than previous releases. Specifically, Protex 5.1 is said to be five times faster when working on very large data sets. The analysis engine also has a new advanced search function, based on Lucene 2.9, that supports  leading wildcard characters and allows improved query structure. Named searches can now be 250 characters long. The company has also added 10,000 projects, 600 sites and 300 new licenses to its open-source knowledge base.

Flexora Software has added new platforms to its installer suite. InstallAnywhere 2010 now supports Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard,” SUSE Linux 11.2, Ubuntu 9.10, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. It also has new capabilities to add or remove features from an installed applications, roll back installations that were interrupted by errors or user cancellations, and manage multiple configurations for different product editions. It can also prevent users from installing multiple copies of the same application on the same machine.

Red Gate Software has updated two tools that focus on exploring and analyzing compiled .NET assemblies. The free .NET Reflector 6 fixes bugs reported by users, adds Microsoft .NET 4 support, and includes a new Visual Studio add-in that lets developers jump into Reflector from the IDE. .NET Reflector Pro, for US$195, goes beyond the free version to let developers debug third-party code even if they don’t have the source code for it.

Software AG has updated its SOA development platform. webMethods 8 includes the ability for its CentraSite repository to consolidate BPM and SOA asset management, increased end-user flexibility in creating ad hoc business processes, embedded business intelligence, service virtualization and policy enforcement, and policy-based clustering for the webMethods ESB.

Parasoft has announced a new version of its C/C++ static analysis and code review software. C++test 7.3 introduces integrated runtime memory analysis for both enterprise and embedded development to identify runtime defects, such as memory leaks and buffer overflows.

Upgraded burn-down charts and team member load reports are two of the improvements in ScrumWorks Pro 4.3, the latest release of the project management software from Danube Technologies. These enhancements allow teams that don’t use task-level estimation to burn down tasks in sprints and better visualize the total number of unallocated task hours. Another update gives users the ability to exclude selected themes from filtered or highlighted results. Estimate-free tasks, editor enhancements and several fixes are among the other updates. Pricing starts at $289 per user per year.

The ability to perform collaborative change impact assessments and CruiseControl plug-in integration are two of several improvements in TRUEchange 3.6, the latest release of McCabe’s software configuration management system. Users can now collaboratively work on change impact results through the updated Change Impact Viewer, which shows the consequences of implementing a change, and enables users to perform test builds and search for text in inactive lines of code.