NodeSource has announced the latest release of N|Solid, which is the company’s flagship product designed to provide visibility into Node.js app performance and system health. N|Solid 3.0 has a new set of features to make it easier for customers to secure, monitor, and manage large-scale Node.js deployments.

“N|Solid 3.0 introduces more comprehensive and customizable thresholds and notifications settings as well as interface updates that make it easier to secure and monitor large-scale applications,” said Joe McCann, founder and CEO of NodeSource. “Expanded functionality and greater flexibility empower teams to deliver peak performance and optimize infrastructure usage, while saving money.”

With this new update, N|Solid will be able to support even larger deployments of Node.js while providing more flexibility to explore Node.js metrics, according to the company. N|Solid 3.0 adds improved cluster view scatter plot rendering, which helps give teams a better user experience on large-scale Node.js deployments. It also provides users with the ability to change both of the scatter plot axis values in the dashboard and use 50 different metrics to find and analyze relationships between application data.

N|Solid 3.0 also enables better collaboration through new filters for metrics and saved search results. The new update allows snapshot and profile assets to be downloaded, sorted, deleted, or marked as favorite.

“N|Solid 3.0 exemplifies our commitment to constantly push the envelope that assures validation that open source, particularly the Node.js ecosystem, truly means open for business,” said McCann. “The trick is to enhance the value of Node.js environments while respecting enterprises’ needs to optimize existing investments while securely leveraging new capabilities that provide big improvements in efficiency and effectiveness at minimal cost and accelerate time-to-value.”