This week’s selected open-source project is Bloodhound, a new API debugging gateway created by API Fortress. 

Bloodhound provides comprehensive analyses that can find solutions to difficult bugs. According to API Fortress, Bloodhound enables QA teams to ensure that microservices and database-connected APIs are behaving the right way. 

QA and data analysts can use it to capture, forward, measure, transform, filter, and simulate API calls.

Use cases for Bloodhound include transforming databases to APIs, detecting signals from noise, acting as an echo server, internal policy enforcement, and live contract validation. 

“It’s never been easier to build new APIs. But the mindset of how we test and monitor them hasn’t evolved,” said Patrick Poulin, co-founder and CEO of API Fortress. “Writing a handful of functional tests using a small subset of fake data against a staging environment is not enough. With Bloodhound, you can do more. In capturing and transforming your APIs, you can reproduce real world scenarios, and find clarity while trying to debug any problem.”

The project can be viewed on GitHub