Chaindesk (previously called Databerry) is an open-source no-code platform for building your own large language model (LLM) agent. 

Data can be loaded from any source, making it easy to make a chat agent that is specific to your data. Potential sources include text, PDF, Excel, Notion, Airtable, Word, and more. 

Chaindesk connects these sources with ChatGPT or another LLM using an API. Then users will be able to quickly get answers from their new chat agent. 

It also includes sources for the information it provides to be more transparent in how answers are being produced. 

Because it has a no-code interface, very little technical expertise is required to set things up, the maintainers explain on the project website

Chaindesk has many use cases; For example, you can create a Slack bot that is trained on your knowledge base.

“With our no-code platform, you can create a custom AI chatbot trained on your data in seconds. Streamline customer support, onboard new team members, and more,” the website states. 

The project can be found on GitHub here.