Keploy is a functional testing toolkit designed for developers that generates E2E tests for APIs (KTests) as well as mocks or stubs (KMocks) by recording real API calls.

According to the project’s GitHub page, KTests can be imported as mocks for consumers and vice-versa. KTests can also be merged with unit testing libraries such as Go-Test and JUnit in order to track combined test-coverage.

KMocks can also be referenced in tests that already exist or use anywhere including any testing framework. Additionally, KMocks can also be used as tests for the server.  

The project maintainers stated that Keploy works by being added as middleware to the users application that then captures and replays all network interaction served to the application from any source. 

Key features include the ability to: 

  • Export tests and mocks and maintain alongside existing tests 
  • Integrate with go-test and junit
  • Accurately detect noisy fields in API responses 

For more information, visit Keploy’s GitHub page