The team at the cloud native company TriggerMesh has announced the Shaker project, an open-source alternative to AWS EventBridge. 

Shaker offers users several new capabilities, including tmctl, the new TriggerMesh CLI that allows for the quick building of event flows on a laptop with Docker; the new TriggerMesh Broker, either in-memory or backed by Redis for durability; built-in event registry, to simplify the authoring of event flows; and the ability to archive and replay past events for consumers who did not see them in real-time. 

Additionally, Shaker allows cloud-native developers to create a unified, cloud-agnostic, and open-source eventing layer that works through the entire development lifecycle from the first stages through to production. 

Shaker is also easy to embed into existing projects, like internal developer platforms or commercial SaaS software. It can also be used in the same way as any other containerized workload. 

Finally, Shaker can be used to create a unified way to filter, transform, and deliver events to consumers even if they are already using messaging systems such as Kafka, Rabbit, or Kinesis. 

To learn more, watch the video introduction. To get started with Shaker, click here