As part of the Confidential Computing Consortium launch, Microsoft is contributing its Open Enclave SDK to help “develop a broader industry collaboration and ensure a truly open development approach,” the company  wrote in a post. 

The open-source project is targeted at a single unified enclaving abstraction for developers to build Trusted Execution Environment (TEEs) based applications.

“As TEE technology matures and as different implementations arise, the Open Enclave SDK is committed to supporting an API set that allows developers to build once and deploy on multiple technology platforms, different environments from cloud to hybrid to edge, and for both Linux and Windows,” according to the developers of the SDK

According to Microsoft, the features of the project include:

  • The ability to easy to write and debug code that runs inside TEEs
  • The development of code that’s portable between TEEs
  • A flexible plugin model to support different runtimes and cryptographic libraries
  • The development of auditable enclave code that works on both Linux and Windows
  • A high degree of compatibility with existing code