Parasoft announced the results of an independent audit which verified that Parasoft’s software development process yields developer productivity 8 to 15 times greater than the industry average.  The audit validated that on average, Parasoft’s efficiency is 282,457 (lines of code only) per developer versus the estimated industry average of 75,000 lines of code per developer.  

The findings reveal that Parasoft’s SDLC processes include a high level of process automation and the uniform usage of quality control gates.  Parasoft uses various software development best practices not only as a mechanism to deliver more consistent code, but also as a mechanism to objectively measure the SDLC.  This consistent “baselining” has allowed Parasoft to continuously improve the process of developing software.   

“Developer efficiency levels for Parasoft are above the industry average — even with new development projects,” stated Marc Hamilton of HMC LLC: the agency which conducted the independent audit.  “Our analysis showed that Parasoft productivity increases as projects mature through later phases of the application life cycle.  The audit showed conclusively that Parasoft’s uniform application of best practices, driven by their internal usage of Parasoft Concerto, delivered greater development efficiency.”

“We are obviously pleased with the results of the audit.  For over 20 years, we have been evolving our infrastructure and processes to achieve greater productivity,” said Adam Kolawa, CEO of Parasoft Corporation.  “We are very proud that the results confirm the value of all of the research and development that is now captured in Parasoft Concerto.  I consider Parasoft Concerto the first system on the market that truly focuses on the process of developing software — not just task management or agile process management.”

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